Docs - Introduction

“Making physical token authentication available for everyone”.

○ is a no-code physical token authentication solution - enabling creators and consumers to securely enjoy seamless token-based interactions or business applications.

○ is making physical token-based interactions simple.

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For Users

Intro for Users

Create an account by connecting and signing in with your wallet (a one-time secure connection). Once the account has been created, you can now link any wallet you choose to it with your account using the same process.

And that’s it!  You’ll be presented with all the utilities & benefits you are eligible to useright now, and we will automatically notify you about every utility usage opportunities based on your token holdings.

For Creators

Intro for Creators

Implement an effortless physical token authentication system whitin your ecosystem in a few minutes. With a flexible but simplistic configuration options inside the admin app, provide a smart contract address that you own and connect wallet (a one-time secure connection) to prove ownership, set-up the utility campaign settings (time and date, intervals, session time, etc).

And thats it! You can introduce almost any physical interactions / business applications to your audience / community, based on a seamless physical token-gated solution. We are supporting a variety of token and  networks. And the best part is that:

Tocon is Free!

Why tocon?

The next step in the evolution of gating a community, a virtual experience, or a physical experience is token-gating. Whether the community is assembled in person or online, access beyond the gate is determined by the quantity and/or kind of tokens that a person has in their wallet.

Given the rapid expansion of the creator economy in recent years, the many benefits of web3 technology for the ecosystem and community of creators, and the fact that people value the opportunity to interact with others who share their values, our top priority is to provide the tools necessary to empower and improve each individual's experience using those concepts.

Affordable and accessible

We had to consider the setup and ongoing use of the system, regardless of the organizational and financial development capabilities of our partners, in order to develop a wide market solution that is also affordable and accessible to everyone.

A no-code system that is simple to install and operate and requires no special programming knowledge. It is simply "plug and play" a utility management system with a flexible yet straightforward structure that allows the partner to use his tokens however he sees fit.

And naturally, you can begin with a full setup for free, upgrade only when you're ready to scale up, and take advantage of our very reasonable "pay as you go" pricing structure.

Secure and intuitive

○ Increased security: Token gating can be used to build a multilevel user verification system. During any of the authentication procedures, users are not required to connect their wallets. 

○ Effortless Use: Users will already have securely linked their asset holding to the app, making it easy and quick to access services behind physical or digital gates.

○ Cost-effective: Due to its low overhead costs and ability to produce accurate business/community analytics, token gating is an incredibly cost-effective method for tracking user behavior.

“A new way of doing it”

The concept of "gated services" has existed much longer than the current crypto debate, and conventional membership and security have been effective. So why fix something that isn't broken?

For starters, just because something functions doesn't mean it can't be improved, reinforced, or made more effective. Another point is that it's not just about gating. Ownership and governance are key. When a community is tokenized, the token holders have influence over the project's governance, which also increases their level of commitment to the concept.

Our vision

Technology beliefs

We are absolutely convinced that tokenization will take effect gradually for any practice that appears to gain from it. The power of tokens is progressively becoming recognized around the world, and the technology is discovering more and more uses every day. Consequently, we are confident that this technology will have a positive impact on phygital creator-consumer interactions.

Empower the individual

We can more than assume that the affect of web3 concepts and technology on the creator economy given the undoubted improvement of the creator economy in recent years. Therefore, individuals and businesses need solutions that will make it simple for them to use digital assets in real-world situations.

That's what our space is all about. That's what technology is all about. That's what data ownership, decentralization, proof of ownership / eligibility / authenticity are all about; but all of the above-mentioned features were created in order to empower people, to support the creator economy, and to allow consumers to be consumers on their own terms.

That's what inspired us to design the system the way we did.
We wanted it to be accessible by everyone, both technically and financially, while building towards a simplistic and secure flow.

How it works

There are two separate systems within our service:

○ Utility management system
○ Token authentication system

And there are two entities whitin our  service:

○ Creators / Partners - Using the admin app (web application)
○ Users / Consumers - Using the mobile app

Admin app

Partners are using the Admin app the set up their “token-gated campaign”. Providing a smart contract address and proving ownership by logging in with the wallet that created this smart contract are requirements for setting up a campigan.

All tokens generated by this smart contract will signify ownership and therefore eligibility for the service / product / access / etc  you are providing, simply specify what the consumer will be eligible for when proving eligibility within your eco-system to set this up.

Any additional verification requirements that you wish to establish for your campaign should be defined as well. Session duration, precise timing, intervals, etc.
Finally, the campaign needs to be made public. Not to worry, you can always edit or deactivate the campaign. It's important to note that Partners could theoretically run an infinite number of campaigns on the same smart contract.

User app

Users use the mobile app to submit proof of eligibility, when engaging in a gated interaction within a partner ecosystem. Users sign up for accounts by singing with their wallets.
They can now link their account with any other wallet of their choice, using the same process, and update any private information they want to share as well.

Station app

Stations are a streamlined addition to the admin app that are used to physically verify user ownership and eligibility. After a campaign has launched, an admin can set up multiple stations to manage and assign the authentication process to specific people as desired.
Stations can be physically used through our straightforward station mobile app, or they can be added to other physical devices or partner digital ecosystems and apps via API.

Authentication phase

To provide physical authentication to a partner or provider, the user only needs to scan or be scanned by the station app whenever they want to (QR code scan). While the scan is running, the system will check to see if one of the user accounts' wallets actually contains the particular token that the partner is looking for (Offline - token authentication system) and if the other conditions are unrelated to tokens (Management system), in order to produce a proof of eligibility for both parties that requires zero knowledge on their parts.


Intro to use-cases

Due to the flexible structure of how the system was built, the actual use cases for the app are quite diverse, but we've gathered resources and examples here for the most popular ones so you can get a sense of the possibilities. 
Physical and digital token authentication appear to be equivalent in practice. Due to our system structure, the only distinction is the location of the "station app."
You can use the station app in a physical location or implement an api inside your digital ecosystem.

Product & services

When referring to products and services provided by the partner to exclusive members, We're asking users to provide proof of eligibility (in accordance with the terms established by the partner) to access those products and services. It might be general exclusive access to those goods and services, or it might be benefits and discounts.

Access / ticketing

The same holds true when discussing access-based use cases. Users who present a proof of eligibility may be granted access both physically and digitally. When discussing digital access to content or an exclusive digital environment, the functionality is similar to a digital "pay wall".
The practice of using token ownership authentication to gain access to physical events will work a lot like a ticket, a one-time entry for a few hours or days (in accordance with the terms established by the partner).

Membership / loyalty programs / credentials

Businesses with existing loyalty programs can tokenize login data, and partners and creators who want to introduce a long-term eligibility proof-based membership to their token-based users can do so with ease.


Businesses with existing loyalty programs can tokenize login data, and partners and creators who want to introduce a long-term eligibility proof-based membership to their token-based users can do so with ease.