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This is the summary of the product it will say something about the mission/purpose or goal of the project

What is Tocon?

Tocon provides the tools and infrastructure that enable Web3 communities and projects to connect to real-world applications and utilities without special development requirements - a simple, reliable, and secure process.

What is the vision?

Tocon is the breakthrough tool that enables user interactions and experiences between Web3 and real-world use cases. The app will help blur the lines between applications in the digital world and applications in the real world. It makes the transition from a blockchain-based project to an enterprise almost seamless. Our services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to integration between the digital and physical space, and we will build the right bridge step by step.

What is the Service?

Tocon application is meant to be the infrastructure between Blockchain and web3 Features to every physical utility. Our system automatically connects the smart contract of the owner to our utility management and token authentication infrastructures. After a quick setup made by the partner, every user authorized for physical utility usage (holders), can scan or be scanned at a physical station that can be created by the partner with ease (part of the setup), and utilized their asset holdings at the physical space.

How does it works?

There are three different parts to the system:
▸ Admin Web Application - Partner: The partner proves ownership and selects the smart contract desired to be utilized. the partner then creates a campaign by choosing the utilization he wants to attach to the asset in this contract. Then he will set up the rest of the campaign settings (authentication intervals, session time, station creation, timing, etc...)

▸ Station Mobile App: Created by Partner in his setup process. Used at the desired physical location for utility usage, used for scanning (manually - by selected individuals), or to be scanned (automated - as a station device) the QR scanning process basically gets the specific Admin set up made this station to "talk" to the specific user account that took part of the scanning process.

▸ User Mobile App - User: The user downloads the mobile app. then he crates a user by one-time connection with a Web3 wallet, then he can add as many wallets he wishes from the supported wallets list. after this quick and secure setup, the user can now freely use the app for authenticating when needed, at the stations that were created by the partners, as long as he holds their asset in one of the wallets connected.

Why should I use it?

There are many problems in bridging digital and physical spaces that can be solved with Tocon. Here are a few examples: You can customize your utility in the management app as often as you like. This means that partners can try our services, without spending time or money until you really understand the systems or are in need of an upgrade. We offer our future clients almost all the services and technical capabilities to enter the digital space with their business or organization. The ability to connect your business to Web3 has never been easier or more cost-effective.

How does the authentication work?

The idea is very simple, once the partner set up a new campaign connected to a smart contract, our system takes a look at the blockchain and watches all the tokens from this contract. On the other hand, when the user sets up his account by connecting wallets,  our system learns where to look for tokens when looking at the blockchain. Then, when the user scans or is scanned by the station, the station basically makes the admin app and the user app "talk" to each other and look for the "partner assets" in the "user wallets" list on the blockchain.
▸ our system keeps track of partner tokens counting authentications based on campaign settings.
▸ that's the reason we are able to create any utility campaign based on smart contract assets, the system doesn't ask "if the token is in your wallet", the system is looking for the amount of usage made with this token, based and campaign settings and limitations from the beginning of the campaign.

Can I connect a smart contract that already exists?

Of course, you can connect any smart contract without any special adjustments. as long as the contract is on one of our supported networks.
▸ The smart contract protocol type may change slightly the campaign settings.

What are your supported Networks?

Tocon app supported Networks are:
▸ Ethereum Mainnet
▸ Polygon Network
▸ Ethereum Sepolia Testnet
▸ Polygon Mumbai Testnet

How many smart contracts can I connect as a Partner?

With the free plan, one. With a few upgrades, you can connect as many as you own.

How many campaigns can I create as a Partner?

With the free plan, one. And again, with a few Upgrades, as many as you want.

How many stations can I create as a Partner?

With the free plan, up to 2. One more time, with a few Upgrades, as many as you want.

Can I change the campaign settings after I launched it?

Of course! you can edit all campaign settings, whenever you want.

How can I support Tocon?

We believe in making a profit after you guys are making a profit, that's why the best way to support us is to consider using our services (as a Partner and as a user as well), it's free to use for you guys and that's worth a lot for us. in the near future, we are planning a few more profitable ways for you to help and support us. 👀